FEAST Brands LLC Accelerates Culinary Startups Path to Success

The events of the last two years have profoundly affected how we eat and obtain our food, with home meal delivery at the fore of these changes. Add to that the proliferation of “ghost” kitchens and you now have previously unavailable opportunities to create exciting new food ventures. FEAST Brands, LLC announces the launch of its new culinary consulting service, focused on providing entrepreneurs the tools, processes and support necessary to start and grow e-commerce, delivery-only food businesses faster than they otherwise could on their own, potentially saving them thousands of dollars in the process.  FEAST is the final ingredient in the fusion of entrepreneur, kitchen and e-commerce. It’s a fully-tooled company playbook based on a proven business model that helps startups navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, saving precious time and resources in the early stages of business development. “It’s all about momentum,” said owner and Executive Chef Camille Peeples. “Think of this as the rocket fuel that can help launch your culinary business into orbit faster and be better prepared than you otherwise could. It can potentially save you thousands of dollars in startup costs.” A fixed-cost, six-month consulting agreement between FEAST and clients includes a professionally developed brand, custom website and marketing content reflecting the client’s business objectives and values, print-ready marketing collateral, process tools for kitchen and business office, plus the mentoring and on-demand consultation to effectively use it all. The FEAST model is based on an e-commerce dinner delivery service founded and run by the two partners in 2011 called FEAST Specialty Foods™, which has been tested and is versatile, able to focus on a few or many food products at once, depending on the client’s business objectives. FEAST has no direct involvement with the client’s business, there are no recurring fees based on sales, and the client is not bound by any particular feature of the model. A discounted version of the agreement is offered to cottage foods businesses in the more than 35 states that permit cottage foods sales online.   About FEAST Brands, LLC FEAST Brands, LLC is a culinary consulting group with a singular aim in mind: helping entrepreneurs launch successful online, delivery-only food businesses based on a proven business model founded upon superior-quality food products, authenticity and extraordinary personal service. FEAST offers a fully-tooled company playbook and a lot of know-how, all wrapped in a successful brand that has delighted hundreds of loyal customers since 2011. Our focus is to provide our clients with meaningful advice, useful tools and helpful support as they start and grow their businesses during the critical first six months of operations. For more information, visit www.feast-brands.com. Contact Rob Peeples, Co-Owner 713-858-4747 Source: FEAST Brands, LLC