Bravo s Top Chef Brother Luck Releasing Memoir

Chef Brother Luck is an award-winning chef, entrepreneur, and advocate for the pursuit of self-discovery. With a childhood marked by humble beginnings, Brother is on a mission to prove to others that while our past is forever a part of who we are, it does not determine the people that we become. By drawing on his own childhood trauma, Brother uses his life as a testament to prove how pride, courage, determination, and perseverance helped him survive early life challenges and empowered him to achieve great success in the face of adversity. Today, Brother has earned a reputation as a celebrity chef through appearances on Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, and Top Chef, and also as a successful business owner with the establishment of his restaurants Four by Brother Luck and Lucky Dumpling, both located in his home of Colorado Springs. This fall, Brother Luck will release his memoir “NO LUCKS GIVEN,” taking off the white chef’s coat and going beyond the kitchen to relive his own turbulent life story with the goal of teaching readers that even when life gets hard, there is hope. The book releases officially in stores and online October 4th.  About “NO LUCKS GIVEN” What would the world look like if more of us cared for more people? What if we were vulnerable in sharing our whole story, the good and the bad, and not just the highlight reel? How could our stories, if authentically told, help others through their pain, grief, or depression? In his new memoir, “NO LUCKS GIVEN,” Chef Brother Luck shares the dramatic story of his childhood, the life lessons he learned on the streets, in kitchens, and in counseling sessions, and compels us to both ask for help and do the hard work of helping others. Through the lens of his own priorities—faith, family, and food—Brother sets the table for meaningful conversation by acknowledging his pain, being vulnerable, and sharing the wisdom he has learned from his mentors.  “The fact that Brother Marcellus Haywood Luck IV is still alive to write this memoir is a miracle in itself. The restaurateur and Top Chef contestant now speaks openly about his struggles with depression and how he uses cooking to work through trauma, but he didn’t always have those coping skills. No Lucks Given isn’t a cookbook, but this raw, unflinching account of Luck’s brute-force path from a painful childhood marked by loss, through the violence and excess of youth, and suicidal ideation to get to a stable life as a chef and mental health advocate is plenty good food for the soul.” —Kat Kinsman, Food and Wine Magazine To learn more about Chef Brother Luck visit his website, For press inquiries contact: Miles Kennedy, Director of Communications [email protected] Source: Chef Brother Luck, Author