Author William A Scott s New Audiobook Mixtus Americans is a Thought Provoking Examination of Division Throughout the Cultural and Spiritual Landscape of America

William A. Scott, a former biblical instructor and the Academic Dean and Executive Director of the Triangle Bible Institute, has completed his new audiobook “Mixtus-Americans: A Different Brand of Christianity Where We Still Practice Griot”: a captivating look into the divide that has formed between the worshiping practices of Black and White Christians in America. Scott uses this new book as a continuation of his previous writings, stating, “Connecting this work to my previous writings has not changed in my views. What was troubling then is troubling now, even more so, as the church, the body of Christ, is under besiegement akin to the Hezekiah biblical account. To ward off the assault of the Assyrians, Hezekiah enacted sweeping religious reforms, including a strict mandate for the exclusive worship of Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, and a ban against worshipping other deities (2 Kings 18-20; Isaiah 36-39; 2 Chronicles 20-32). Ten years ago, this country had a chance to right the wrongs it has inherited, but it instead took the opposite approach of Hezekiah. Now the Christian right, as they have been doing for a decade, are preaching and worshipping a doctrine contrary to the Hebrew Bible we followers of Christ call the Old Testament and the New Testament biblical story. Instead, they are following and supporting the principles of ‘Trumpocracy,’ like Sennacherib, the Assyrian king. That form of democracy has debased the national political climate, which is under besiegement.” Published by Audiobook Network, author William A. Scott’s new audiobook draws excellent points that support his thesis by using the history of America as well as the current divisive political climate. Listeners will come to fully understand how this divide has affected believers and their relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of ”Mixtus-Americans: A Different Brand of Christianity Where We Still Practice Griot” by William A. Scott through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.  Audiobook Network, Inc. (ABN) is a full-service audiobook publishing company that transforms authors’ books or e-books to life through audio narration. ABN handles narration, production, audio editing, digital formatting, distribution, promotion, and royalty collections all under one roof. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Audiobook Network at 866-296-7774. Source: Audiobook Network