Kathryn Chinn s New Book Him Her Tells a Powerful Story of the Cycle of Abuse and One Survivor Brave Enough to Do What She Can to Save Others

Fulton Books author Kathryn Chinn has completed her most recent book “Him & Her”:  an impactful story of the power one person can have to help others despite how hopeless a situation might appear to be. “A woman by the name of Rose finds herself entangled in other individuals’ dark pasts after suffering her own graphic abuse,” writes Chinn. “Rose helps with the rehabilitation and recovery of these souls that are not lost just yet. These men and women have a story to tell and find themselves tangled in memory as they sit with her and listen to wise words of someone that has been through what they have been through.” Published by Fulton Books, Kathryn Chinn’s book draws on the author’s own personal traumas to create a compelling narrative with a potent message on overcoming even the darkest of situations. Readers will discover the important lesson that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and that no matter how difficult one’s position might be, they are never alone. Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “Him & Her” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble. Please direct all media inquiries to Gregory Reeves via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 877-210-0816. Source: Fulton Books