It's Monsoons AND a Long Weekend- 5 Tips to Get You Singin' in the Rain

It’s Monsoons AND a Long Weekend: 5 Tips to Get You Singin’ in the Rain

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” - Bob Marley

There’s a reason why rains bring out the poet in most of us. Whether you choose to stay indoors or get soaked, there’s something about rainy days that makes you wish to fly away.

But somewhere along this dream monsoons is the reality that looms large like the proverbial villain. Why, oh why, are there monsoon hassles?

Think smelly clothes, dirty shoes, bad traffic, mosquitoes’ army and dumb drivers (who splash water as they zoom past). Yuck.

Cheer up. It’s a war out there and you just can’t let it hold you back.

So, whether you’re planning a trip to Neemrana, Jaisalmer, Fagu or Kasauli or just a long drive, we’ll help you have the time of your life this monsoon.

Considering that you already know and already have cute raincoats - we love the fluorescents, transparents and the printed ones - let’s think beyond all that, shall we?

Here goes a top fiver for rainy days:

  1. Smartphone and charger - Waterproof phone cover and a power bank charger. Invest in these things. Amazon has some great stuff.

  2. Repellants - Every trekker and his neighbour’s best friend swears by it.

  3. DIY rain-proof shoes - There is such a thing. Simply rub wax on your shoes (you can take a candle), spend a minute with a hairdryer and voila! Your water-proof shoes are ready.

  4. Skincare - Go basic with skincare this monsoon. Try a spoon of honey as a cleanser or almond scrub and just keep yourself clean and dry. You could try this fun face mask. Simply mix 1 egg white, ½ a cup beer (resist the urge to slurp) and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. Apply and rinse off after 10 minutes. Get glowing. Nothing elaborate.

  5. Cocktails - Get a load of these fun cocktails to brighten up the evening. Whiskey Skin (helps big time if you catch a cold) Simply rinse a mug with boiling water to warm it. Add a teaspoon of sugar and lemon peel to a bit of warm water just enough to dissolve it. Add Scotch and some more warm water. That’s it. Ready so soon. Space Gin Smash In a shaker, add a few mint leaves, a quarter of a lemon, 2 green grapes minus the seeds, an apple cube and a bit of simple syrup (basically equal parts water and sugar on medium heat). Give a light mix. Now add gin and ice and shake it up. Voila!

So, may we ask, where are we going this weekend?

Come rain or shine - Saturdays & Sundays can be fun-days

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