NDE a Once in a Lifetime Experience

NDE a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Symposium on NDE or Near Death Experience 04/11/19

Good Day to each of you, and thank you so much for joining us in this discussion, and revealing journey into the human consciousness. and now I will share with you my experience in NDE.

Through the years of my life I have encountered a wide variety of individuals who through discussion, explained their understanding and beliefs in the experiences some have at the moment of death. Yet, it is not bounded by death to have these experiences, I have read accounts, many of which had happened when the person was feeling just fine and clinically was no where near death.

This was the type of NDE I encountered one day after I came home from work. I was a machinist at that time and cut cast iron flywheels for Allis Chalmers Tractors, in a factory in Harvey, Illinois. With a bit of imagination you can imagine I was covered in black dust from the top of my head down to my boots. It was at this factory that I encountered the chemical I used for five years daily which is now killing me as we speak. That, however is another story, but it’s tendrils reach into the experience I am about to tell you now.

Exhausted and filthy, my daily habit was to take a bath as soon as I walked in the door to rid myself of this horrible dust. ( I had no shower so a bath was the only thing at my disposal to cleanse myself)

I felt good that day, happy even, I was on my hands and knees in the tub about to dunk my head under the crystal clear water when my eye caught something suspended in the water. It was microscopic and my eyes followed it, as it moved through the water slowly drifting.

( I am going to preface this next section by explaining that this formless blob, smiled, or use the word face, and other earthly terms yet I had none of these I was just a black formless shifting blob, or mass of consciousness which I knew to be me. There is just no words that can explain those features other than to use earth terms) As I watched this microscopic object I suddenly began to separate my consciousness from my body, time does not exist in this experience so again, there is so much to explain using terms that are not applicable here. I was a black blob or mass of seeing, feeling, moving, consciousness who was now looking down at my body still on all fours in the tub looking into the water.

Just as suddenly as I peeled away from my body and was looking down at it, I began to soar at a very high rate of speed upwardly through many cloud layers and I could feel a huge smile upon my face. It was pure joy, but about what? Who knew what was coming next, I surely didn’t. These cloud layers flashed by my vision and made a sound, a whooshing sound as I passed each one. I was flying high on a mission to who knows where, I was about to find out only a flash of a second later.

As I flew upwards I could see I was approaching a black dome, and I began to fear. ( crashing into it as I recall) As quickly as I had this fear, I found myself “standing” in the back of a humongous library. Millions of books were visible to me, ancient books of knowledge, at least that is what I felt. I surely do not recall any confines to the ends of these shelves of books but I remember thinking, “ do I have to read all of these?” There was this very soft, golden light emanating from these golden lanterns on the walls, dozens of them all giving off this soft light, very pleasing, again I was fulfilled with great happiness and joy. I then realized that there was no oxygen and no life there in that library, these were revealed to me as Real Truths.

As human beings I do not believe we ever discover Real Truths here on Earth. To define these Real Truths is impossible with existing verbiage. At least I can not summon the words even remotely describing what a Real Truth is, but, I can feel it still deep inside me. I know what a Real Truth is now and it is amazing. It can not be judged, discussed, changed, canted, moved, renovated, it is just True with no possible doubt. That’s the best I can do for you no matter how pitiful it is for an explanation, that is all I can come up with.

I scanned the room trying to take in all that I saw, it was massive. Ancient but new to me, and there was an oddity at the front of the room, keeping in mind that I was in the darkness in the back of the room. It was a projection screen, the kind you used to pull down like a curtain and showed 8mm movies on long ago. Through the back of this screen a large hole had been “punched’ through. A globe, white with small black divisions covered this globe as it slowly spun showing that part that was protruding through the hole. I felt a desire to look at it closer and just as suddenly my vision was inches away from it while the bulk of me was still in the back of the room.

I began to focus on these division each with a single word in it, I say a word because I have no other explanation for what I saw, but each word was in a language I had never seen before. I felt a desire to bring back a word with me, for whatever reason I had no clue but that was my desire. I repeated it over and over again so I would not forget.

Then fear rose again, I feared I was never going to return to my body and as quickly as I had this fear, my black shape was laying back down upon my body, feet first and working towards the head. As each part joined it came back alive. A very strange experience in and of it’s own self.

At this juncture, when I was fully reassembled, I uttered this word over and over and over again like I could not stop myself from saying it, “ wow, wow, wow, “ etc, it went on for some time as it was such and overwhelming and joyous experience that to this day I can fully remember every single detail and especially the happiness and joy I had felt while in this library. I had always felt from that day on that would be the place I would go when I die. So I gathered from that time on, over 40 years ago, that death was not a scary thing but a thing of joy and happiness unmeasured. Is it true that it is my place of eternal rest, soon enough I will know? Thank you all for listening to this experience of mine and I hope that somehow it helps you find the peace you are looking for instead of the fear you now feel.

27 years Native American traditional teacher, Artifact Authenticator, Broker of Fine Indigenous collections, and Appraisal services. Teaching Flintknapping, Braintanning, Bowmaking, Cordage, Pottery, Beaded Moccasins, et al.

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