Veerana- The Most Famous Bollywood Horror Movie

Veerana: The Most Famous Bollywood Horror Movie

Veerana is a Hindi horror movie that releases in the eighties. Even after fifty years, the movie is very popular among horror fiction fans. Veerana isn’t just popular, it’s valuable as well. The DVDs for the movie aren’t available as easily as they should be, and you can’t use the Veerana poster under the Creative Commons. The movie’s that valuable today.

In this article, I try to decipher why Veerana is a cult favorite.

The first Hindi horror movie to have a possessed murderess

Priot to Veerana, women in Bollywood horror movies were supposed to chase around the hero, be chased by the demon. And if she’s not the love interest, she become a statistic when the body count begins. But in Veerana, for one of the first times, the woman was possessed and she starts killing off people, and doing a good job of it. She kills at least two leches in Veerana, before everyone else gets smart about who the murderer is.

The Cinematography

Gangu Ramsay has done the cinematography for most of the Ramsay movies, and it was his expertise that made the demons look so gory and deadly - though it was all prosthetic and color and darkness. Gangu went awash with colors, smoke and everything else that made the horror sequences a reality. Bollywood audiences hadn’t seen such scenes in a mainstream movie prior to Veerana, and all this stuck with the audience.


In the book Don’t Disturb the Dead, which talks about the life and times of the Ramsays, they confess that they were not in touch with Jasmine after the movie released. They say that Jasmine might have married and settled in America. Today, she’d be 70+, and there’s absolutely no answer as to what she is up to. The mystique and aura that this has created, interests content creators even today, who make videos trying to explain where Jasmine is. And none of them get the answer right.

Decent Budget Horror Movie

Whatever the budget of Veerana, all of it I showed up on screen, and that added to creating the weird, colorful yardstick and landmark of Bollywood horror movies, Veerana.Anyone working in the film industry will agree that Veerana was a marvelous job of production values, for that time. This created a colorful, vibrant and unforgettable experience for the audience who wasn’t ready for the kind of experience that Veerana was.

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