Music Book Review - The World of Music by David Willoughby

Music Book Review - The World of Music by David Willoughby

Lital is a 31 years old musician, born and raised in Israel.

She already knew at the age of 3 that she wants to be a musician when she gets older.

Lital has been facing a hearing disorder condition since childhood, many ears operations causing by infections and a cyst that needed to be removed. Her hearing disorder has not got her to give up on her dream and became an advantage to her life by being aware of protecting the hearing. Ironically she is a musician, song writer, composer and a drummer. She runs a music school in Israel; there she teaches vocals, drums and creative writing training.

Her discovery of the willing to be a musician all started at the age of 3 when she went for professional dancing class, there she discovered Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Huston, Tina Turner’s music and many more- then she knew right away she likes singing and dancing.

The fact that she was listening only to music in English she knew in a very young age that her songs will be written in English and her music career will take path in United States and all over the world.

Along the way, Lital has learned to play piano, guitar and drums. She is responsible for her music production of her songs along with her partners from Kashmir studios and she writes the composition and lyrics for all of her songs by herself and tries to combine all kinds of music genres: from pop, blues, jazz, rock, soul, and a bit Latin. She feels it’s much more interesting and fun to make music that reflects some musical genres at once, that way it gives her crowed the opportunity to train their musical ear also and get to learn a lot from the music.

so I recommend to try to listen to some songs of her because she really puts all her effort in creating such a great music to her audience and it shows from the rhythm of the drums, the interesting vocals at her songs, the interesting opening to each song she has, the cool bass line that keeps you hearing it at her musical production.

the songs, Lital says, are produced together from her creative mind to her 2 producers she is working with at “Kashmir” recording studios in Israel.

I wish we could have more songs like it at the music industry.

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