4biddenknowledge Inc Releases the Black Knight Satellite Album Available on All Music Streaming Platforms

4biddenknowledge Inc. recently had a red-carpet movie premiere of the documentary “Black Knight Satellite- Beyond the Signal” written, directed, and produced by Billy Carson and Melissa Tittl of Hathor Studios. The documentary is now available exclusively on the 4biddenknowldge TV platform for a limited period.  To go along with the documentary, Billy Carson, President of 4biddenknowledge Inc. released a soundtrack titled Black Knight Satellite. Featured on the album is President of 4biddenknowledge Inc., TV host, and billboard artist Billy Carson AKA 4biddenknowledge, billboard artist Donny Arcade, who has four albums on the top of the DRT Charts and 40 albums in global distribution, billboard artist CrewZ with 16 albums in global distribution, entertainment mogul Dame Dash, multiplatinum recording artist of international acclaim Havoc of MobbDeep, and Mo B. Dick, who helped produce most of “No Limit” records between 1995-1999. The Black Knight Satellite album is available on all music streaming platforms. The 10-track album is a mix of instrumentals and hip hop, with radio edited versions and theatrical versions of songs relating to the Black Knight Satellite - Beyond the Signal documentary.  4biddenknowkedge TV is a television service available for streaming via Apple TV/App Store, Roku, Amazon, Google Play, as well as directly from its website. 4BiddenKnowledge TV provides educational and informational content in the fields of ancient civilizations, esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, health and wellness, financial literacy, and inspiration. 4biddenknowledge owns and operates a book publishing company, their own social media platform, UniteThe99, with a premium dating group “Date Conscious” nested within the platform, and recently released their own cryptocurrency, the 4bidden Coin. Earlier this year, they released the first NFT “Thoth” in a series of NFTs titled “Pantheon of the Gods”.  Contact:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Elisabeth Hoekstra                                                                                               4biddenknowledge Inc        2645 Executive Park Dr  Suite 419  Weston, FL 33331  [email protected]  Source: 4biddenknowledge Inc.