Singer Dominique Maharaj Debuts Yogev Remix My Beautiful Mistake by Juanito Cardona and Yogev in the Metaverse

Today, Dominique Maharaj released the highly anticipated Yogev remix “My Beautiful Mistake,” produced by Yogev and Juanito Cardona, on in the metaverse. Recorded at Pangea Music Studio located in the heart of Medellin, Colombia, the song encompasses a Colombian electronic dance genre that has already revolutionized the music world and now paves the way for futuristic music, fashion, and the arts.  Dominique Maharaj is the first Latin artist produced in Unreal 5 by Landian for the U.S. market. Born in Mexico, raised in the U.S., and now residing in Medellin, Dominique instantly charms fans with her ability to sing, dance, and compose songs with haunting lyrics that capture a wide audience.  “‘My Beautiful Mistake’ in the metaverse delivers the most immersive experience, and best demonstrates the ability of fans and artists like myself to interact in a fantastical space,” says Maharaj.  The Metaverse project powered by Unreal Engine 5 and the creative team at allows creators in virtually any genre to deliver stunning content for elevating the user experience. No longer bound by geographic and logistical restrictions, this breakthrough in next-generation 3-D content in real-time gives artists the ability to perform in any environment with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before.  About Pangea Music Studios: Founded in 2020 Pangea Music Studios, located in the heart of Medellin, Colombia, focuses on bespoke music production by Latin American artists. Pangea’s full production capabilities utilize the latest in digital production while also providing a full suite of services, including original lyric development, songwriting, music development, and more. With a broad client list and industry network, Pangea also integrates artist and label relationships by offering organic collaborations with like-minded musicians.   About Landian: exists so that people, businesses, organizations, and cultures can engage unencumbered and without limitations. It builds on the collective growth of virtual worlds by making them more interactive, accessible, and easier to navigate. Packed with exciting incentives that stimulate user engagement and commerce, Landian is governed by a shared value system that benefits founders and users. One’s ability to evolve and thrive in Landian is contingent solely on effort, and becoming anyone or anything is limited only by imagination. is also designed to counter common market, eCommerce, and engagement deficiencies in the existing Metaverse market through the use of world-class centralization and decentralization networks and utilizes a best-in-class centralized network for streaming services and a decentralized network. Visit for more information. Watch the Video of Dominique Maharaj ( Yogev Remix) On YouTube On Linktree:  @Dominiquemaharaj | Linktree DOMINIQUE MAHARAJ WEBSITE SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK Contact: [email protected] Source: Landian