Só Dança Launches All Inclusive Dancewear Line to Celebrate the Mature Dancer and Curvy Frames

Só Dança, a leading provider of quality dance supplies in over 49 countries, today announced the launch of their size-inclusive “This Is Me” line of dancewear geared towards bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes. With the intent of normalizing dancewear for the curvier, as well as the mature, recreational dancer, the stylish line offers an unparalleled fit that enhances every movement. Dancing is a fundamental need which, shown throughout history, provides humans the means to communicate, connect and even heal. Babies respond to music and rhythm in the womb. The art form is a right and privilege that belongs to people of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes. There’s been a welcome cultural shift - possibly due to the popularity of reality dancing shows - that encourages everyone to connect more with their bodies through movement. Só Dança’s latest dancewear collection has been created by designers who have studied the shapes of mature bodies and their natural lines.  The company has curated styles that work with, not against, a body with curves. With the goal of producing stylish dancewear in everyone’s size, the pieces are meant to incite confidence and encourage dancers of all generations and shapes to prove that there are no longer boundaries when it comes to dancewear. The specially designed line also works well on those with fewer curves, or who have curves in different places. “Dance has no age, shape, race or gender limitations- so neither should dancewear. A size-inclusive line is not just about making bigger sizes, it’s about flattering the body’s curves in styles that hold where it’s needed and, yet also flaunt,” said Helena Hines, COO of Só Dança. “We want to highlight the gorgeous lines that nature blessed us with without compromising style.  A dance mom or retired dancer with curves can also look fabulous in our apparel.” Só Dança is a dance manufacturing company that has advocated for dancers and the arts for over 30 years. The dream began with the launch of a factory in 1986 producing bodywear. The company soon moved on to footwear and eventually expanded to the Dominican Republic. In 1998, they made their way to the U.S. where they have continued to introduce and bring forth quality performance products that revolutionize industry design standards, marrying comfort and practicality with elegance, beauty, and style. “One of our pillars at Só Dança is Community. By community, our work begins from the inside out. Starting with building and taking care of our incredible team, engineers, seamstresses, QA, managers, customer service, leadership, then out to the dancers, teachers, moms and dads. The entire dance community motivates us and keeps us moving forward,” adds Ransan. This Is Me includes fashionable leotards, jumpsuits, dresses, warmups and a dance skirt. The body-inclusive line can be purchased online and at your local dance retailer. For more information please visit www.sodanca.com or email [email protected].  #### About Só Dança From shoes to leotards, and from ballet to tap, Só Dança strives to provide our customers with the most comfort and the finest style, found no place else. Whether recreational or professional, Só Dança has dancers covered. Só Dança (Just Dance) was founded in Brazil in 1986 and now provides quality dance supplies in over 49 countries, including the USA where we have been for over 25 years. Throughout these years we’ve demonstrated honor, care, integrity and best of all the best dancewear in the market. Source: Só Dança