Inspired by the bright lights of Nevada with anthemic single “Las Vegas,” then swiftly drawn out to the unending starry skies of Joshua Tree and the Mojave Desert, California band HOT TRASH was joined along the way by a host of music icons and producers to create its new album. Following hot on the steps of Rufus du Sol, Billy Gibbons and Usher, the band members found themselves at ESCAPE, a 140-acre recording studio in the high desert. From there, HOT TRASH, aka Roc and J, set about writing and recording an album full of bangers, capturing and redefining the tunes they loved and heard before the pandemic of 2020. The end result is the album DON’T RESIST! The band invites people to come on a magic spaceship ride with them across the galaxy by putting the album on in the car (or favorite place) and cranking it right up — maybe even sing along. Inspired by love and nature, HOT TRASH reminds listeners that everyone’s in it together and, collectively, can make a real difference. “Its strange enough that we manage to wake up every day without giving a single thought to how weird it is that we exist in the first place. That’s where this all begins,” says Roc. HOT TRASH was joined in the desert by Dallas Austin (TLC, GRACE JONES, PINK, MADONNA, GWEN STEFANI); Matt Bissonette (ELTON JOHN) — legendary mixing engineer; Mick Gazauski (DAFT PUNK, MICHAEL JACKSON, THE WEEKND, TALKING HEADS); Naz Tokio; Dan Heath (LANA DEL REY); Eric Zayne; Kelly Halloran; and Nikko Gibler, plus producer Jean-Michel LaPointe, amongst others who helped put DON’T RESIST! together. Even Carrot Top is on the record.   Roc and J want fans to know that “DON’T RESIST! wasn’t created as a marketing device. “It wasn’t made so we could all dress up and dance on TikTok. We like dressing up, but not for clicks or views. We really don’t care about that. We’re all a bit tired of that, right? It wasn’t made to print money, get laid or retire off of making music. We just made this record to share, with our love. Anything on top of this is a bonus.”  Source: HOT TRASH