CHIOPT Introduces Super Cost Effective Full Frame Zoom Film Lens

Introducing the Chiopt Xtreme, a full-frame zoom lens used for film and television. A few affordable S35 cine zoom lenses have come on the market, but very few have full-frame zoom options. With most cameras coming out with larger full-frame sensors, there has been a large gap in the market for affordable cine zooms. One of the biggest caveats of using a full-frame or larger sensor digital cinema camera is that the lenses become larger, which makes them heavier, and they have reduced focal ranges. This is especially true when it comes to cine zooms that cover large image circles. The Chiopt has a focal range of 28-85mm, which is reasonable given its size and weight. The extreme zoom is a new high-technology design for film and television equipment. The lens covers image circles of up to 46mm, so it can be used on all of today’s modern digital cinema cameras, S35 coverage, and full VV frames. The larger frames provide higher picture quality and more years of use. The long flange distance of the extreme zoom allows it to be connected to a variety of cine cameras with different mounts. In addition, Chiopt has a triple zoom lens of 25-85mm, which covers the best focal lengths. The breathing effect is almost invisible, with a constant aperture T3.2 (F2.8 design) that ensures visibility even in a dark environment. A PL native mount is standard, but there are also Canon EF and Sony E mounts available. Chiopt will be making other mounts available in the future. ● There are as many as nine aperture blades used to provide a near-circular aperture, resulting in a natural bokeh effect. At the same time, the blurred part other than the point light source can present a natural and soft atmosphere, making the image three-dimensional. This expands the range of visual performance. ● Adopting the parfocal design, the focus is always kept constant throughout the zoom process, and different specifications of gaskets and tools are provided to easily adjust the rear flange distance. ● Minimized Breathing Instability. ● Adaptability to Different Devices: Chiopt provides a long flange distance and gross compatibility suitable for diverse equipment. ● Adjustable Back Focus. Pricing and Availability: The Chiopt Xtreme Zoom 28-85mm T3.2 will retail for $2,899 USD, which makes it an incredibly good value. The lens comes in a custom hard case and inside the user gets the lens, a set of shims, an M3 hexagon wrench, an M2 hexagon wrench, a zoom rod, and two supporting screws for the foot. About CHIOPT: They currently only have one film lens available; however, more are on the way. Chiopt also has plans to release a 75-250mm T3.2 full-frame zoom as well as 24/35/50/75/100/135mm Macro Primes. To learn more, visit the website: Chiopt Xtreme Email: [email protected] Source: Chiopt