TouchRetouch Gets Brand New Features Smarter Technologies and Fresh Design

 ADVA Soft has announced the long-awaited 5.0 update of its TouchRetouch object remover beloved by many photography lovers. The update offers new helpful tools for dealing with such challenging cases as editing out objects that are close to other objects and eliminating meshes from photos. The app now also offers a smoother 360° photo editing experience, new options for more flexible line removal, more appealing interface, and many more enhancements.  The team has done a great deal of work on the way to making the app even more efficient in terms of saving users’ time and making the interaction with the app more harmonious and pleasant. Object-Aware Retouching The new algorithm allows solving complex content removal cases where two objects are adjacent and you want to remove one of them — it will erase an undesired item while leaving a clean finish near the edges. The smart blending technology implemented in the algorithm will mix the pixels properly so that no smears are produced. Flexible Line Removal With the new Auto & Manual modes as well as the selection control points in the Lines tool, it’s now possible to adjust the shape and thickness of linear objects with more precision. Mesh Removal Like Magic The app’s brand-new mesh detection and removal algorithm is capable of automatically finding, selecting, and eliminating meshes from images in almost no time. No need to routinely mark each line in a mesh. Pure magic! Other Cool New Stuff • Restore/Reapply brushes: With the newly added Restore and Reapply features, you can bring lost pixels back when needed and re-add the same changes to a photo. • New source modes in Clone Stamp: The source pointer can be locked in one place so that it doesn’t move around, or it can be set to slide back to its initial position, thus making it easier to clone textures. • Smoother 360° photo editing: Navigation around a spherical panorama is more enjoyable now; no need to leave the 360° View to move to another part of a photo or switch to another menu or tool. • Resize option: Now it’s possible to downsize images to the desired dimensions. • Interface improvements: It’s possible to choose among the Light, Dark, and System appearances as well as experiment with different app icon looks. Users can also feel more comfortable when selecting photos with a few new gallery views. Pricing and Availability TouchRetouch 5.0 will be available for $3.99 and will require Apple devices running iOS and iPadOS 13.0 or later. About ADVA Soft: We are a team of like-minded professionals and enthusiastic innovators committed to designing smart yet simple apps aimed at creating magic in our users’ photos. At ADVA Soft, we are constantly experimenting with new ideas and developing new technologies to improve our products both functionally and visually. We pay much attention to UX and polish each and every UI element to make the interaction with it as comfortable as possible, because we believe that if a user has a great experience with the app, it brings positive emotions to him (her) and makes him (her) happy. And if a user is happy, we are happy too. ### Press Contact Kostyantyn Svarychevskyy [email protected] Source: ADVA Soft