Remote Monitoring and Teledentistry App AlignFlow is Rebranding as In Hand Dental

AlignFlow™, a remote monitoring app used by dentists and orthodontists that rose to popularity during Covid shutdowns, has officially rebranded as In Hand Dental. The name change comes in advance of the American Association of Orthodontics conference in Miami Beach, Florida, where In Hand Dental teams will be in attendance to roll out the new app.  AlignFlow™ was initially customized for use by dental practices to serve their aligner patients, helping to lengthen the time between their in-person appointments and freeing up chair time for doctors and busy practices. However, feedback in the last year suggested great results with not only aligners, but wired braces, TMJ, sleep apnea, patient recall, lead generation, and practice marketing.  Doctors using AlignFlow™ feel the comprehensive and patent-protected platform is a ground-breaking tool for orthodontists and GPs alike. Doctors and practices who used AlignFlow™ reported more productivity without added staff. For some practices, this led to almost a 50% increase in revenue per month.  “This all-encompassing remote monitoring and teledentistry tool needed a different name, one that served the mission of putting treatment plans and systems ‘in the hands’ of the doctors and patients who use them to reach better treatment results and impact the bottom line of their practices,” says Mike Gassman, President and CEO of In Hand Health. “If you have a teledentistry tool that can help more patients, why not have a name that represents all the benefits it offers?” Gassman continued. “I met with our sales team, talked it over with the Board of Directors, and In Hand Dental was born. It will be the same great products that so many dentists and orthodontists have come to rely on every day. Now, it just has a name that suits its many uses,” says Gassman. AlignFlow™ is now In Hand Dental with all the same qualities, just a new name!  About In Hand Dental  Designed by orthodontists, In Hand Dental is a HIPAA-compliant platform used for remote monitoring and teledentistry that gained popularity amongst orthodontists and dentists during the Covid shutdowns. It provides a safe and effective telecommunication method to keep patients aligned with their treatment plan, thereby increasing success for the patient and improving efficiencies for the providers. In Hand Dental is powered by In Hand Health, a Kansas-City-based software technology firm whose platform creates software solutions for practices to market their services and treat patients from initial consultation to wellness periods. Contact: Matt Quinn (913) 827-1603 [email protected] Source: In Hand Dental