Never Stop Challenging SIRUI Announced the Jupiter Series Full Frame Cine Lenses

SIRUI is developing by leaps and bounds in the late years. Following the already successfully affordable anamorphic lineup now comes the full-frame spherical lens cine lens lineup, which comprises a macro prime lens set as well as a 28-85mm T3.2 zoom.  The first macro lens set developed by SIRUI consists of 3 frequently used focal lengths, a 24mm T2, a 35mm T2, and a 50mm T2. The closest focus distance of 0.24m/0.79ft across the whole range allows users to get very decent close-ups and macro shots. The aperture has 11 blades for round and smooth bokeh. With a wide aperture range from T2 to T22, this lens set performs equally well in daylight and low-light scenarios. All three lenses share the same focus and iris positions, which facilitates fast and easy lens swapping. 28-85mm T3.2 3x zoom covers a very practical zoom range from wide-angle to medium telephoto. An image circle of 44mm enables the zoom to be used on many large cinema camera systems, such as RED V-Raptor, ARRI ALEXA Mini, Canon C500 Mark II, and Sony FX9, Sony VENICE. The parfocal design guarantees a constant focus while zooming in and out. An aperture range of T3.2 to T22 is offered for precise exposure control. The focus ring features a dual scale with both feet and meters, and delicate focus adjustments can be made over a nice and smooth 259° rotation angle. Both the macro prime lens set and the cine zoom have excellent optical performance and solid build quality. Focus breathing is minimized to almost zero for smooth storytelling. A well-made hard case is tailored for the 3 lens kit as well as the cine zoom to protect the lenses from inside to outside. SIRUI Jupiter Series is available in native PL and EF mounts. E-mount and RF-mount adapters will also be offered by SIRUI for use with popular full-frame mirrorless cameras from Sony and Canon.  Price and Availability 24mm T2, 35mm T2, and 50mm T2 retail at $999 each, but you can have them now for only $799 on Indiegogo. The retail price for 28-85mm T3.2 is $2899, but you can bring it home now for only $2238 on Indiegogo. Back us now. Contact Information Website: www.sirui.comEmail: [email protected] About SIRUI USA, LLC Since 2001, SIRUI has always strived to move forward towards expanding the SIRUI Brand. With innovative R&D, SIRUI has become a global enterprise to develop, manufacture and market photographic products. Company Address SIRUI USA, LLCVerona, NJUnited States Source: SIRUI USA